Vibram Fivefinger Sizing Extravaganza

I was sitting at my computer working yesterday when I hear my wife, slightly irritated, say, “Well, then where is it?”

Confused I looked up and asked, “Where is what?”
“The ruler, I just asked if we had a ruler and you said yes. So where is it?!?” …Oops, listening FAIL!

My listening skills are pretty good, as long as I’m not coding…
So why the ruler? According to the Vibram FiveFinger sizing guide, the best way to get a proper fit when sizing for your FiveFingers is standing on a ruler and measuring the longest toe on both feet.

I looked at hers and that looks like the big toe. On mine it is the second; I guess I am just a freak like that. Whichever of your feet has the longer toe is the number you go off of. In her case, she measured 9 7/8″ on the right foot and 9 3/4″ on the left, so foot number 1 was the winner at 9 7/8″. I tried this on my football prediction site sometime ago.
Here is the exact measuring instructions as found on Vibram’s website:

Vibram sizing overheadAccording to the sizing chart on Vibram’s site, this would put her at a size 40 in the Bikila model. (Some of the models size differently, so once you get your measurement you have to check it off their official Vibram FiveFinger sizing chart.)

We talked with a friend that works at a local shoe store and is a huge advocate for FiveFinger shoes what size he thought she should be (we are a little paranoid since we are buying online and don’t have the luxury of trying on before buying). Since she is a size 8 1/2 running shoe, he said that the size 40 Vibram Bikilas should be perfect.
I snapped a few pictures as she contested it just to make sure everyone could see her naked feet… cause the next time you see them, they are gonna have properly sized Vibram FiveFinger Bikilas on them!

How about you? Did you use the Vibram FiveFinger Sizing chart or did you size a different way? I would love to hear your technique!