The BCS and the Super Bowl – A Football Love Affair For The Ages…

With the BCS Bowl games just around the corner, and the NFL season coming to a close as, bettors and fans alike are feeling a bit somber this time of the year – and well, for good reason….football is coming to an end (temporarily thank God) and we’ll have to resort to watching the NBA and MLB for the next 5 or 6 months.

UGH, what a buzzkill.  But for the time being I can at least put in my two cents on some of the most epic games to look out for in the coming weeks – both in the Bowl Championship Series and of course the NFL Playoffs.

BCS Championship Game – Texas and Alabama

While I don’t think Texas deserves to be in this game in the first place, they did go undefeated and played some pretty decent teams along the way en route to squeaking out a win against Nebraska to cap their perfect season.

On the flip side,  ‘Bama is playing with some serious fury right now, and if they play like they did against Florida in the SEC Championship a few weeks ago then this game might be a laugher from start to finish.

Look for Mark Ingram to run up a storm against Texas in this one, and for Colt McCoy to be shut down in his final NCAA game before heading to the NFL draft.

The BCS Odds makers have the Crimson Tide as favorites by 5 to 5.5 points right now, but that could easily change come gameday.

My money is definitely on Alabama on this one, and I’m thinking they’ll cover easily and bring home another title for Nick Saban and sites that predict football matches correctly.

Super Bowl Prediction – New Orleans vs San Diego

New Orleans is the odds-on favorite to stack the NFL Playoffs this year and even potentially finish undefeated.

Drew Brees and his offensive armada are showing NO signs of stopping any time soon, and they’re going to bring this into the playoffs come January.

Brett Favre’s miracle comeback season will be shattered early in the playoffs, and Kurt Warner making another improbable run at the Super Bowl just won’t happen this year, as both the Vikings and the Cardinals will go down in the conference championship and divisional rounds, respectively.

I see the Saints facing the red-hot San Diego Chargers in the championship game, who are once again showing signs of Super Bowl glory during the second-half of the season for soccer prediction sites.

The only tough competition I see for them is if they face Peyton Manning and Indy – and even though they would have to face them on their home turf, the Chargers will come through and finally close a playoff run with a stamped ticket to the Super Bowl as the AFC representative.

In the end though, if I had to put a potential bet on Super Bowl, its gonna have to be the Saints in a close one – 31 to 28 on the biggest stage of the year!

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Where, Exactly, Do Queens Park Rangers Go From Here?

It took all of four minutes on Sunday afternoon for the inevitable to be effectively confirmed.

Manchester City might have been to the Premier League title with some comfort by Chelsea, but this only seemed to have the effect of giving the team something to prove, and so it was that Queens Park Rangers, who should in theory have been fighting for their Premier League lives, rolled over in just about the most supine manner possible and allowed a sky blue coloured steamroller to squash their chances of a second successive season with their noses at the top flight trough completely flat.

The manner in which the team folded provided a fitting visual metaphor for those looking for meaning at the end of a season that is running out of steam rather than going out with a bang.

Whilst Burnley, who had fallen through the trapdoor a day earlier, did so with a flourish – their late winner at Hull City was greeted by supporters as if it had won the title rather than being the final, valedictory two fingered salute that it turned out to be – Rangers’ assortment of journeymen and names that you half-recognise but can’t quite place where from surrendered with little more than a squeak at The Etihad Stadium on Sunday afternoon.

For most clubs who find themselves in such a position, relegation’s sweet kiss can be as much of a blessing as a curse. It’s an opportunity to regroup, to clear out the dead wood and to look forward rather than back.

This doesn’t, however, seem to be likely to be case at Loftus Road this summer. At the precise time of writing, there are question marks hanging over the question of whether head coach Chris Ramsey will last the summer, and the supporters themselves seem broadly undecided over whether he should be allowed to build his own squad for next season – the squad that he was unable to salvage this season was largely the craftsmanship of one Harry Redknapp, whose proclivity in the transfer market has attained legendary status – or whether there might be someone else better qualified to take on the job. If you looking for sites that predict football matches correctly, try

If it is not to be Chris Ramsey who will lead the club over the course of a summer’s worth of rebuilding and a different timbre of challenge back in the Championship, there is one potential candidate for the job whose name jumps out as being qualified, with a track record of alchemy and who everybody already knows will be available. Try Naija Uncut or Naijaporn.

They may have been narrowly beaten at the end of last week in the semi-finals of the Championship play-offs, but the achievement of Brentford in finishing in fifth place in

Vibram Fivefinger Sizing Extravaganza

I was sitting at my computer working yesterday when I hear my wife, slightly irritated, say, “Well, then where is it?”

Confused I looked up and asked, “Where is what?”
“The ruler, I just asked if we had a ruler and you said yes. So where is it?!?” …Oops, listening FAIL!

My listening skills are pretty good, as long as I’m not coding…
So why the ruler? According to the Vibram FiveFinger sizing guide, the best way to get a proper fit when sizing for your FiveFingers is standing on a ruler and measuring the longest toe on both feet.

I looked at hers and that looks like the big toe. On mine it is the second; I guess I am just a freak like that. Whichever of your feet has the longer toe is the number you go off of. In her case, she measured 9 7/8″ on the right foot and 9 3/4″ on the left, so foot number 1 was the winner at 9 7/8″. I tried this on my football prediction site sometime ago.
Here is the exact measuring instructions as found on Vibram’s website:

Vibram sizing overheadAccording to the sizing chart on Vibram’s site, this would put her at a size 40 in the Bikila model. (Some of the models size differently, so once you get your measurement you have to check it off their official Vibram FiveFinger sizing chart.)

We talked with a friend that works at a local shoe store and is a huge advocate for FiveFinger shoes what size he thought she should be (we are a little paranoid since we are buying online and don’t have the luxury of trying on before buying). Since she is a size 8 1/2 running shoe, he said that the size 40 Vibram Bikilas should be perfect.
I snapped a few pictures as she contested it just to make sure everyone could see her naked feet… cause the next time you see them, they are gonna have properly sized Vibram FiveFinger Bikilas on them!

How about you? Did you use the Vibram FiveFinger Sizing chart or did you size a different way? I would love to hear your technique!